How to buy domain? The best site for buy domain

how to buy domain

Today, Online business is the best key to success in online marketing and business. Just buy your favourite name and make your site and do business. There is a very simple method to buy domain according to your desire business.

A domain name is an identification of your business. It helps users/customers to reach and identify your business. A buyer can visit your online site form domain name. Now, You have a lot of question, How to buy a domain? Which site is best for a domain?

There are many registrars who register your domain name you want to buy. Here are some sites-,,, These are domain registrar companies. Anyone who wants to build a website can buy your desire name on this provider site.

How to buy a domain?

First of All, Go to the domain provider portal and search your desire domain name you want to register. The maximum domain name is around $10 to $20. Domain provider company also gives a discount for first-year on purchase of domain for a new user.

Steps to catch your favourite name:
  1. Go to Domain provider website (take an example of GoDaddy)
  2. Go to the top menu and click the domain name.
  3. Search your desire domain name.
  4. Add domain to your cart for buy. (you must buy for one-year minimum)
  5. If you are new user then sign up button open. Sign up and make your account.
  6. Pay the amount of your product to the provider.
  7. Now your desire domain is yours. you can set up your site on different platform you like.

That’s all. Now you can host your domain name and make your site or business online. This is a very simple method to buy a domain.