How to start a fully customize blog for free in 2019 and make money online

Today we will talk about the blogging. How to start a blog for free. Why should we go to on blogging on In Today scenario, there are so many platefoms available to start a blog, like- word press, jumla etc. 

How to start a fully customize blog for free
How to start a blog

Many hosting company also offer a great deal on blogging. But now I will suggest to go with free blogging in initial stage. Not exclusively is blogging a decent interest, anyway with a blog, you'll have the capacity to clear cut yourself in an exceedingly unmistakable methods, encourage others with issues you've survived, set up yourself as a gifted, and even form some money. 

In any case, acquiring began the best possible methods in your blogging vocation will mean the qualification between a blog with a developing, faithful gathering of people...

Now let Start... 

Step by step instructions to Start a Blog:

How to open a blog

  • Choose a Blogging Plateform.
  • Now choose a unique name that fit to your blog interest.
  • Now Design your blog and give a nice look.
  • Write a post and see your blog how it looks like.
  • Now your blog is ready.

What is need to make a blog on blogger:

how to create a gmail account
Gmail Image

  • Go to gmail and Create a gmail account.
  • Now go to and hit inter on keyboard.
  • Open the site appears in search result.
  • Now choose a blog name that is available.
  • After name selected, Customize your blog.
  • Choose a beautiful theme by searching blogger templete free
  • Now Your blog is ready. Post article and see the magic of blogging. 

Can I monetize my blog?

Yes... when you start a blog and write a meaningful article for readers and visitors started to visit your blog than you can monetize your blog and make money online by writing article. You can make money online by monetize your blog by google adsense and other monetizing plate form.

How to Monetize my blog?

how to monetize your blog with adsense
Google Adsense

First of all... Write at least 20 to 25 blog article on your blog. You can choose any plate form that feet to your interest and start your blogging. After completing your 20 to 25 article on your blog than apply for monetize your blog. 
  • Go to 
  • Search Google adsene
  • Open your blog and go to google adsense and put your blog address. 
  • Submit your blog in google adsense to monetize.
  • Now wait for time that given by google adsense and your blog is monetize with google and you can now earn money online by posting article on your blog.

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