Wordpress 5.0 Update: Wordpress text editor encountered an unexpected error, what is solution of this?

WordPress 5.0 Preview

Most of blog recently faced an error after updating WordPress 5.0. When an author try to write an article the editor has appear an error and screen display totally blank. Most of blogger getting sad when they faced this problem.

How to fix this error after updating WordPress 5.0

We talked about the feature of WordPress 5.0. WordPress giving an update to all website owner to update their existing website to new WordPress 5.0 (called as Gutenberg). WordPress 5.0 update focuses on totally amazing editor experience.

After recent update some blog's classic editor not working properly. It is because of conflict in code or plugin blog owners use. But don't worry, here are the solution that can help you to solve this issues.

Gutenberg Editor

Try to do these few steps.

1. If you are using default editor of WordPress comes when you install WordPress, after updating it does not work properly. You have two options, one is go with Gutenberg (Comes when you update WordPress 5.0) and second is go to classic editor.

2. Disable all supportive plugin and install classic editor from plugin section. It is necessary if you are not familiar with the Gutenberg.

3. After installing classic editor, enable one by one all plugin again. Now this will solve your problem of recent update of WordPress 5.0. But you want to use Gutenberg, than fine... go with and you do not need to do anything.

Note: If you are using Gutenberg editor and not feel comfortable with this, than switch to classic editor and repeat all process of above 2,3 and 4.

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